Vivaro Converion

There are a lot of day vans out there built on the Volkswagen T5, which is an excellent base vehicle, but it's a pricey starting point.


The Vivaro is also an excellent vehicle, and this clean example presented an option to create a day van that wouldn't break the bank!


We're not hung up on the accepted "norm" in terms of layout and/or equipment levels, not everyone need an expensive fridge or hob when a cool box & camping stove will suffice, indeed, not everyone wants these things. We will build what you want.


So, a van which has what's needed, and the oportuniity to add more at a leter date as need and / or budget allows.......

Clean, not too much to worry about. Out with the ply llining and the factory fit bulkhead needs to go......

........... and some of the steel ! Three windows to fit, two on the nearside and one for the offside.

Lots of insulation, new ply lining and carpet Lining throughhout. Pre-wired for 12V LED lighting before lining out!

Looking much better with privacy glass bonded windows.

Furniuture next. Everything was designed & manufactured in-house. Lightweight furniture boards were used throughout, in this case, with a laminated driftwood finish.

....and Installed. No sink, hob or fridge which may or may not come at a later date if required.


New Leisure battery tucked away under shelf unit, with 12VDc fused distribution and vehicle split charging system for 12Vdc power outlets and touch LED lighting.

A RIB Altair Rock & Roll Bed completes the installation, this one is on a sliding frame to maximise space, and worked perfectly with furniture access.

This project turned out a great little van, warm, dry and comfortable with scope to add some of the more expensive items at a later date, .... IF they're required. Better to use it first and see what works.

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