Leisure Electrics

If there's one topic that generates (almost) as much debate as what furniture one wants or needs, it's the leisure electrics. There's a myriad of options out there, but essentailly it boils down to what do you use the van for, and what do you really need. The cost of electrical installations can escalate quickly, but in our experience, do you really need it all?


We can install leissure batteries, split charging systems, battery to battery chargers, 12V power Outlets, fridge & cooler supplies,mains hook up, mains battery chargers, inverters, 240V oulets ..........solar panels, and th elist goes on....and on. Sometimes, less is more.


Where does it all go we're often asked. Pretty much wherever you want to put it, and again, it often depends on how you wish to use the van and we will discuss this with you at length. Rest assured we can package it way neatly and safely.


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What we can do......

Leisure Battery, 12V  distribution, mains battery charger, battery to battery charger all packaged under the driver seat.


Everything had to be assembled in the seat base to allow disassebly and removall of any component at a later date. The Mains charger is under the battery to battery charger!

Everything was designed and made iin house, to mount, secure and protect the electrical equipment.


All of the pieces were cut on our CNC Router for an exact fit

12 V Outlet


Where you want it and need it.


Simple really....

On this project the speakers were free issued to be fitted in the roof panels. Unfortunately the speakers were a little too deep for the roof space!


We simply made bespoke spacers on our CNC Router, which were fitted before carpet lining and they worked out perfectly, looked great as well.

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