Renault Movano Mini Bus to Camper Conversion

This van came to us as a mini bus, that wanted to be a flexible camper for days out, weekends away and those longer holiday breaks.


It needed to be comfortable for travelling, flexible in how the space could be used, have plenty of storage and most importantly be light, airy, warm and dry.


That said, the brief was quite explicit in that the layout should follow an existing van, which already worked well for the client, but also incorporate a list of additional must haves, without compromising the useability of the van.


Sounds simple enough......

A Proper factory fit Mini Bus option, nicely done....



.... not so easy to get it out, and there was a lot of it !

This is where we go to, before realising we were supposed to take progress photos for this page...! Oh Well.


After many hours and enough tea & biscuits to feed a small army, the mini bus interior was consigned to the skip.


Thermoliner insulation was applied to all external surfaces, the voids filled with Dacorn insulation and new 6mm Birch Ply lining installed. Scribing in around the windows was a real highlight... but well worth the time.


But not before installing an externally mounted gas and electric heater, which can be seen protruding through the new floor, near the rear offside door.


And, all the new wiring to suit the intended layout, a tow bar and of course, the reversing camera which is roof mounted above the rear doors.


Side Door View

New M1 Tested Bench Seat Installed rear facing behind Cab Seating. Single Bed Seat down the offside with the kitchen installed down the nearside.

Rear Door View

Two seat units which convert to bunks across the width, both with removable sections to allow access through the van. The kitchen is forward on the nearside.

Bench Seat with under seat storage. Full Extension drawers save the knees and maximises the useable space.

The seat converts to an 800mm wide single bed with a 200 mm pull out, so no rolling out of bed onto the floor!



LIke the rest of the furniture, the kitchen was entirely bespoke to this project, with the client free issuing the sink, cooker and fridge. The furniture is made with llaminated lightweight ply.

The cooker was actually a marine application model, and presented a few tricky installation challenges. The worktop was made up with laminated birch ply and the whole thing came out really well. And it all fits......

The details are important, building the overheads in and around the existing skylight with a shelf bridge worked really well.

TThe stuff we like...! All the electrics including 12V Leisure circuits and mains hook up fitted nicely under the bunk base unit, accessible but out of the way.

More bespoke detail. Nearside Bunk base houses the gas tight locker for Camping Gaz 907 cylinder and a safe. Both discreetly out of site behind hatch covers.

Sockets were placed to client requirements. The bunk bed iinserts in place and those  full depth full extension drawers again..!

This project was a lot of fun, and everything was designed and made in house. A special thanks to a great client who had a clear direction, which always helps(!), but also trusted us to get on with the detail design, build and install.

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