We can fit travel seating and / or bed seating depending on what the van requirements are. If you are intent on carrying passengers, then your installed seating must be certified and it must be installed properly, not just bolted down through the deck as so many are. Typically, most will want to fit a seat / bed combination often described as Rock & Roll bed, and there are many many options available, but beware, not all Rock & Roll beds that come with seatbelts are certified.


Fitting a certified Seat and / or Rock & Roll bed must be done correctly, and we only use certified fitting kits and / or genuine manufacturers fittings where available.


A rock & roll bed is likely to be the largest cost item in your conversion and in many ways will drive the layout of your van, and we will be happy to discuss these options with you.

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What we can do ....

Most Transporter conversions will fit a Rock & Roll Bed, this one was fitted to a long wheelbase van and is fitted with the optional slider mechanism, allowing more front room when the bed is not extended.


The seat is Certified for carrying two passengers and was installed using a certified fitting kit.

A common conversion, this T5 Panel Van was outfitted with genuine Volkswagen Kombi seating.


The 2 + 1 Seating was installed using only genuine Volkswagen brackets and carefully aligned to pick up on the factory mounting points.


To facilitate alignment, we manufactured a jig using our CNC Router, to accutrately set out the mounting plates prior to drilling.

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